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At Mogul Beginnings Data Consulting, our team of consultants provide you with the insights and actionable advice you need to make smarter decisions and stay ahead of the competition. 

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The mission of Mogul Beginnings Data Consulting is to shift how enterprises strategize, optimize, and scale their business using the power of their data.

Frequently asked questions

How does consulting work?

Providing the best strategies and techniques to maximize their use of data. This includes providing guidance on database design, data collection and storage, data analysis techniques, visualization techniques, and data-driven decision making. We help companies define their goals and create plans to achieve them. Additionally, we provide insights into market trends, customer analytics and monitor performance metrics, as well as evaluate data sets to identify trends or anomalies that could impact the success of the company. Lastly, we are responsible for educating organizations on the importance of data management and training employees on data-related topics.

Do you work with companies during the early phases?

Yes! This is the perfect phase to pull in a professional. Many times, if you are not intentional, too much time will go by and you have gathered the information that you need from your customers or for market research. This can make it very hard to articulate how effective your product or service is. Begin with the end in mind. The sooner you recruit help, the smoother faster you can scale.

Can you help organizations that have been doing it wrong or have never used data consulting?

Yes! The main reason for slow or delayed business growth is because, you simply didn't know what to do. But, we are glad that you are reading this! We will create a plan for you to get ahead and stabilize your business, if applicable.

Why work with Mogul Beginnings Data Consulting?

Dr. Michele and Mogul Beginnings team has a unique blend of experience that gives us the ability to see the big picture for YOUR business. Each business is different, so our solutions are tailored to your needs and goals. We want to take the stress of getting your business to the next level. Let us be the nerds for your organization so you can show up powerfully for yours.

Data is not just for tech companies! Get the solutions you need today.

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